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  1. Everyone needs to calm down, especially the Deznat crowd. However, I think that the election should be reviewed closely, if only for the sake of letting people have their day in court. Trump and his cohorts make some good points. I have never seen an election where the winning candidate stayed in his/her home and didn't have enthusiastic crowds following him/her. Nevertheless, Trump is such a polarizing personality that stepping aside and letting Trump alienate voters seemed to have done the trick. I just don't like Biden, but I don't really like Trump either. Biden is too much of a warmonger and will probably put us into yet another war, perhaps in Syria or Iran. Trump, however, is untrustworthy and seems to be only about his ego. Can we have a do over with different candidates?
  2. I guess I didn't see the John Dehlin video you talk about. Could you provide a link? Did Dehlin approve of whatever his guest did when the guest "went there?" I have a hard time thinking LGTBQ Dehlin would allow racist comments to stand but I could be wrong.
  3. I don't think racism had anything to do with it. I think Dehlin over-exaggerated the supposed threat for attention. The video in question was pretty childish and I don't think any reasonable person would think such was a threat as Dehlin portrayed, without more.
  4. I agree that one should stand up for oneself and not apologize for doing so. However, these videos aren't what I think we as a church should stand for. Perhaps it'll help retain kids in the short-run as kids and adults as well like strength. However, calm, matter of fact responses are what is needed and not gimmicks that the youth will see through. Give the youth the facts, show them the benefits of remaining. We have a good thing here and I don't think we need to stoop to the mocking and ridiculing behavior Pogi speaks of above.
  5. Do you think women should automatically be believed? I don't think anyone should automatically be believed as it would create too much unnecessary drama in domestic violence cases and sexual assault cases. As for Rosebud, take a look at the pages and pages of what she has said on mormon*****.***. Her story didn't amount to enough to file a case against Mr. Dehlin and she hasn't filed one to this day. Nevertheless, she should be believed, just because? I don't think she even made harassment allegations because she was afraid of a defamation lawsuit.
  6. I don't think Rosebud is very credible. She likes to build up the story about Dehlin but never delivers. Hers is a tale of sexual non-occurrence. Dehlin may be a media hound and may be exaggerating Kwaku's supposed threat, but Rosebud's story is suspect in my opinion.
  7. I hope FAIR isn't supporting the above video. I think it clearly crosses the line in its promotion of violence, equating former members as somehow evil jew hating nazis simply because they have different views concerning church truth claims.
  8. In my experience, and I think it is common to most, I take more time to compose anything written, paying closer attention to grammar, etc. than when I speak.
  9. It certainly could be a genre thing where he uses the style of Pilgrim's Progress and View of the Hebrews, etc. to dictate his own bible like book. Perhaps he so wanted to solve certain problems and restore lost christian doctrines that he decided to invent his own book, based on the mound builder's myth, under inspiration to do so?
  10. How do you respond to these two points? First, how have you eliminated the possibility that Joseph Smith spoke in a manner that resembled EmodE more than the spoken english of today or of his time? It seems written language is more formal and more likely to follow the current rules, whereas, spoken english is lazier and more apt to be more archaic. Also, I heard that Appalachian dialects more resemble elizabethian english than anything else. Is that true and could that affect your theory? Second, how can you discount that Joseph Smith just might have been trying to sound olde worldly as that was what his book was, a history of ancients? He certainly could have used the 1611 bible and riffed from there.
  11. The EmodE theory should be jettisoned in my opinion or at least toned down until EmodE in Joseph's spoken language can be eliminated. I think Brant Gardner discussed how supposed EmodE was found in the early D&C and Dr. Carmack discussed how it was there too as well as in the Temple Plot revelation. Yet, Mr. Gardner pointed out that EmodE disappears from the D&C as Joseph grew older. I don't think Dr. Carmack disputed this but I may be wrong. So, it would seem that Joseph probably was the source of the EmodE and perhaps what is taken to be archaic may very well be, but still part of Joseph's spoken vocabulary early on. Then as Joseph matured and was more educated, the backwoods EmodE forms of his spoken language disappeared. We just don't know how people of upstate New York spoke in those times and as spoken english tends to be sloppier than written language, perhaps this is the key that kills the theory?
  12. So, how do you know that "we are just getting started?" You are guessing, right? Knowing that "we are just getting started" implies that you have an idea when this will end or that it won't end for a long time. Please point me to where you get your information to formulate the highlighted statement.
  13. I sincerely hope we take a hard look at what decisions were made during this and the outcomes they caused so we do not repeat the mistakes that were made. I suspect politics played too big of a role in this. I also hope good scientists and medical professionals get together and review the pandemic and come up with a definitive true narrative on Sars-coV-2. I wonder how many people have died as a result of the lockdowns and other measures? If we over-reacted to this, then can we say that some of the excess deaths are due to the misguided, panic driven policies by governments around the world? There is too much contrary opinion regarding cloth masks. Do they really work? This research group out of Switzerland says no evidence to support the effectiveness of cloth masks: https://swprs.org/face-masks-evidence/ The CDC and WHO have vacillated: https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/the-cdc-just-changed-this-big-face-mask-rule-for-everyone/ar-BB15ZSQY; https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200608/who-changes-stance-says-public-should-wear-masks Are the tests effective for Sars-coV-2? This article shows that the PCR test is meaningless: https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid19-pcr-tests-scientifically-meaningless/5717253
  14. I don't know why you object to my IFR calculation when I used a denominator provided by the WHO (760,000,000 exposures) and you didn't object to that and I used a death estimate 4X higher (4,600,000 unfortunate deaths) because you complained about an undercount that really has no way at this point of being validated other than excess deaths. Incidentally, these excess deaths could be caused by something other than covid 19. We don't know. Yet, you want to claim they are all caused by covid 19 because it seems for some reason you want to hype the death rate. In reality, I think your problem is with the estimate of 760,000,000 people exposed worldwide. It isn't my number, but from the WHO.
  15. 224,601 reported deaths / 32,800,000 estimated exposures X 100% = 0.6847591463414634% death rate per estimated exposure. So, perhaps a 99.3% chance of survival in the U.S. given exposure (and one must assume that the number of exposures is increasing as well and so that may increase slightly the true survival rate). "24.2 million infections are unaccounted for" - aren't most of the infected asymptomatic or have mild symptoms and therefore do not get tested and are not reported? This has to be the case if one is to believe the 760,000,000 exposures worldwide. "Even if we assume a low 0.6% death rate, then that would mean around 145,200 (24.2 M X 0.6%) of those unreported infections are also unreported deaths ..... (The CDC estimates that there are 198,081 unreported deaths from Covid in US - so that is actually fairly close) " How does the CDC come up with the undercount? Please provide the basis for this. Is the CDC being generous with what is defined as a covid 19 death, such as, if someone tests positive but has a heart attack and dies, is that a covid-19 death because who knows if covid-19 could have caused the death that looks like a heart attack caused death?
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