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  1. Where would one find this doctrine or interpretation of doctrine in the scriptures?
  2. According to Scripture the unrepentant are not redeemed but are cast out. How can one reconcile?
  3. So, do you believe they are cleansed from their past sins?
  4. Just replace the LGBT for sexual impurity movement and you get the same thing. The bottom line is that nothing good comes from breaking the law of chastity. And, homosexual behavior is breaking the law of chastity.
  5. Do you think that this process of overcoming sin, in order to be saved, is accompanied with any ordinance/ ordinances?
  6. I was trying to get CV75 to pinpoint at least one single saving ordinance or process, or thing that separates the saved from the unsaved.
  7. So, you believe what single thing then saves one from an eternal hell? I'm not understanding you. What must a person do?
  8. I believe that the greatest threat is pornography. Then comes all other sexual immoralities. The reason that the LGBT movement is deemed or seen as a high threat to religion is that it completely undermines the very core and strength of society which is the family which is constructed principly off of the platform of a man and a woman who are married. Look at some of the results of the LGBT movement, none of which benefit society. Normalized same sex relations as "natural" and edifying. Diminished the eternal roles of men and women. Diminished the Strength of the family. Re
  9. But even resurrected people will go into perdition. What ordinance or lack of such separates the resurrected who go into perdition versus the resurrected who go into glory?
  10. Look for yourself. Did you see my post on the 1828 dictionary definition? I'm not basing this off of my opinion but rather historical evidences.
  11. Do me a favor and look up the word "whoremaster" in Webster's 1828 dictionary. In fact I will do it for you. It says. "WHOREMASTER, noun [supra.] One who practices lewdness." Further, "lewdness" is defined as. "1. The unlawful indulgence of lust; fornication, or adultery." So, whoremongers (same word as whoremaster) are those who practice the unlawful indulgence of lust, fornication and adultery.
  12. People shouldn't read the Scriptures then. That's pretty much it's entire content!
  13. Do a research on the the word and find out. In the past it meant a far more encompassing thing than it does now.
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