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  1. Some of my best friends growing up were gay, then when I jointed the church I gravitated towards gay men, not because I was gay myself but because I was not big on macho men as friends so gay men made better friends. I pray for them and care for them. The sad thing is that they have all left the church. It has to be hard, coming to a church that teaches eternal families, when they know they can't reproduce in this life or the next. The one friend developed deep psychological conditions and the other died of drugs. It's a sad story.
  2. That's one blessing of the Come Follow Me. We read the scriptures primarily on Family Home evening only. Now we are doing what we were always supposed to be doing, studying the scriptures on a daily basis. We are not giving up, I pray God will hear our prayers and see my tears and help me. I can't do it alone.
  3. I was distraught when my oldest son decided to not go on a mission. I received some very loving advice to keep loving him, encouragement to take interest in his interests, and I do, and that helped me get by with his decision. The heartache came back recently when my second son decided not to go on a mission. As I look back was it too much band, to many video games ,and not more service? But service never seemed to take with them, the second more than the first son but it always seemed like a chore to them. I didn't think I portrayed that attitude, I just wasn't their mentor as they got older
  4. I was so excited when I joined the church. I couldn't wait to serve a mission one year later, and I did so. My mission provided some of the most memorable experiences in my life, many of them good memories. Next on my excitement list was having a family and seeing my children embrace the Gospel and serve missions. I was excited about seeing them have spiritual experiences of their own, and talking about those experiences for years to come. That didn't happen, instead they are distancing themselves from the church and neither of the boys went on missions. O for 2, so I was definitely less
  5. The truth is we may never know w;hy. How often to we ask why Jacob tricked Isaac into getting a blessing that was intended for Esau?
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