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  1. Sometimes I wonder if that outcast demon is a fallen god, or at the very least was a highly-ranked resurrected being. He seems to have a body, robes of his priesthoods and knows his way around protocol on other worlds like this one.
  2. I bet it took longer than 4 minutes to the read the entire article. giggle.
  3. There are a number of different approaches to who Elohim is and none of those approaches is uniquely "LDS". My favourite approach to the matter is that taken by Paul and Margaret Toscano. The Elohim are not the supreme being, Jesus the condescending God is. is.
  4. Seems like prophecy might be supported by solid-state wizardry, AI, etc. AI, Literature and Prophecy
  5. True, dat. In view of the fact that the initial Social Credit government failed to implement its banking reforms and dividend scheme, the Reserve would have been an attempt to create a more de jure basis for the credit of the people of Alberta that the Canadian government would actually allow.
  6. This might be better, JAHS. Farmland Reserve UK Filings
  7. I'll have to think about how to discuss it without getting too partisan-political then! Matters of a "moral and political economy" kind of nature though I do consider within bounds of discussion on this board. The Alberta Heritage Fund (don't recall what they call it today since they changed its name) is basically a sovereign wealth fund that was initially funded by the Progressive Conservatives from an Alberta Treasury reserve account accumulated by previous Social Credit governments. Socreds were discussing the Heritage Fund update of the reserve and the PCs ran with it when they at long last actually formed a government in Alberta. Long and short of it I think ultimately the vision behind both the Reserve and the Heritage Fund can probably be laid at the feet of N. Eldon Tanner himself. I think the Church's land holdings are part of the Church's "sovereign wealth fund" in embryo and is probably an attempt to bring both Social Credit and Georgist perspectives to bear on the economic matters pertaining to the United Order/United Firm/Inheritances/Law of Consecration and Stewardship...yada yada. Then again, I may be giving N. Eldon Tanner too much credit. but i don't think so. Needless to say, I want the "Red Team", if it exists, to pick that ball back up if they haven't already.
  8. I think the big picture reason the Church buys land is to start to create the legal basis for the membership's beneficial interest in land. While that legal basis hasn't yet been perfected the goal is to create a legal basis that reflects the Church's conviction that all land belongs to the Lord and that this land should be held in custody by the Church and constitutes the beneficial interest of each member of the Church in land use. It will become much of the basis of a tithe-based monetary system down the road. That's my wild guess of course. I tend toward thinking that a lot of the for profit activity of the Church is based on a blue print in N. Eldon Tanner's mind, although institutional memory of that blue print may be lost. Broad hints: C.H. Douglas; Charles Ferguson: Social Credit; Alberta Heritage Fund
  9. The thinking has been done. No need for further comments. giggle
  10. If these kinds of numbers from UK Corporate House are any indication of what Farmland and Ag Reserves contributes to charity then it appears to be up to 75 percent of profits some years. Farmland filing at UK Corporate House
  11. Repent For Climate Change is at Hand! (Brunson)
  12. Mondragon uses a system of Internal Capital Accounts that allocates profits to members as they leave the cooperative, mostly at retirement. (PDF) The Democratic Firm | David Ellerman - Academia.edu
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