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  1. The purpose of the fast offering donated by members is to sustain life, not lifestyle. It is to meet immediate needs and to help a person become self reliant in the longer term. I feel that the individual may be slightly disingenuous in his account, in as much as we are only getting his perception of his interaction with his bishop. If it was a "comprehensive financial review" then it is possible that the bishop in this instance felt that there were other options available to the member, as has been stated: family, possible change in outgoings etc. none of this was shared in the story. Yes, each bishop has their own style or way of bishop-ing, but the vast majority are doing their best in a voluntary role. Note: I may have a slightly biased perspective, having served as a bishop.
  2. To use a phrase from my country: It is hanging But, that is my opinion and there are others who think it's lovely
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