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Found 1 result

  1. So threads about one aspect of reaction to the virus are getting derailed by myself and others who are concerned and curious about getting the best info for ourselves and others and I am thinking that is very frustrating for the OPs. So I am starting a thread that questions which arise from a thread or elsewhere can be discussed. I am opened to anything Covid being discussed here as long as it isn't taking the original topic with it, think more this is where rabbit trails become full fledged freeways. What info we absorb about Covid will affect every part of our lives these days, including how we participate in church, so I see it as related and we have an interesting group of people with experiences in healthcare, government, as well as those making a personal study of the topic, so why not take advantage of this. ---- Came across an article suggesting there are versions of long term Covid, lasting one month to three or possibly more... https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/06/covid-19-coronavirus-longterm-symptoms-months/612679/ Is this accurate reporting and if so, is this something few will have to worry about or is it a growing concern? Does it have implications for infections resurfacing? As someone who has a chronic disorder doctors can barely help with and solutions are a guessing game and a daughter with one which has caused her 30 year life to be extremely limited in many ways (still waiting for her to get her GED, no college, no dating, no social interaction save a few internet friends and limited family members; half the time she tries to try a new treatment, it ends up sabotaging her for a year or two), the potential for another life altering chronic disease without answers is intimidating. I know too many people suffering in frustration already. To have those numbers grow....life and death are hard enough to deal with, limbo....please no.
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