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Found 1 result

  1. I'm new here, so thanks for having me. Per the title request, looking for relevant sources and research. I'm not talking about Joseph Smith era stuff. I'm currently writing an article about this, and have seen this idea vaguely referenced, but never substantiated. It usually goes something like this: in the [insert era, e.g. 1920s, 30s, etc.], Church leaders considered changing the garment policy/practice so that it was only required in the temple. One permutation I've seen a couple times is that it was in response to changing fashion, and concerns women had about wearing garments and modern clothing. I do know that the alterations made in 1923 were partially motivated by women's fashion. I'm only looking for a source to validate the claim that at some point, the brethren considered making it temple-only, either for women or both men and women. And perhaps such a source doesn't exist, but I'd appreciate any and all info related to this. Thank you!
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