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  1. e-eye

    Leading LDS

    Yes, that is what I am saying. I don't know, in all reality I like most guys are cool with just sitting down minding their own business. We have family, work, education and to build a good relationship of trust and brotherhood takes time. I am not a share my feelings kind of guy, but when you can break down barriers and build trust and have compassion for others, it works wonders. Things that help a lesson: put your phones down (unless you are using them for scriptures), prepare for the lesson, stop having teachers just teach. It's probably a little different for each quorum.
  2. e-eye

    Leading LDS

    Thanks for bringing up LeadingLDs/Leading Saints. I have followed it pretty close the last 3 or 4 years - young men’s secretary can be pretty daunting.😉 that being said. I have a group of guy friends i go to lunch with 2-3 times a week and we talk about gospel related topics, problems, aspirations etc. over the years this group of guys has become a brotherhood. I wish at times that Elders Quorum was like this. So many guys are disconnected at church, others want something more but don’t find it. I think as a quorum becomes a brotherhood and we start caring for each other, the guys who just want doctrine will find the most joy in helping the guys that are struggling a little. There is a lot of untapped potential in the EQ.
  3. e-eye

    Mission Presidency?

    I have a friend who is a counselor right now. He says hands down the busiest calling he has ever had even way more than bishop. It may depend on the area but apparently for him it’s extremely busy.
  4. e-eye

    Confused by revelation

    I think many blessings, including Patriarchal Blessings will be fulfilled after this mortal life. You can have kids in this life and not have an eternal family yet, you may never be married in this life and have an endless posterity. I read a cool quote yesterday from Elder Holland and blessings and I wish I could find it again. In essence he said that if we have had a spiritual prompting and guidance in our life to seek after something that even though you may become discouraged, and wonder if it was really what the Lord wanted for your or maybe the Lord changed his mind, keep the course! The adversary will try to discourage you but the Lord will always keep his promises. Some prayers are answered quickly, some are answered later and others after this life. If you have had this promise, it will be fulfilled in this life or the next but it will be fulfilled. You will have a happy ending, so if you are unhappy now, then it's not the end.
  5. e-eye

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Yes, this is a quote from President Nelson and I had an apostle quote him as well. I don't eat vitamins and I am terrible at wearing a seat-belt but maybe I should do better. All kidding aside. I think changes are the new norm and I think its exciting. Looking forward to the changes to two hour church in a few weeks and spending more time teaching my family, learning together. We have the youth changes in 12 months, and that will take some work as well.
  6. e-eye

    The Ongoing Restoration

    I wouldn’t expect you to do anything less.
  7. e-eye

    The Ongoing Restoration

    The upbuilding of Zion. Probably one of the most important prophecies to be fulfilled for our benefit.
  8. e-eye

    The Ongoing Restoration

    Yup. Line upon line, precept upon precept. That’s exactly how it works. Mix in a little hastening and you get a sped up version that we are seeing now.
  9. e-eye

    The Ongoing Restoration

    God said he would hasten his work not us. The hastening is for our benefit not his.
  10. e-eye

    Bill Reel’s Conference Predictions

    Ignorance is bliss! - that applys to you, not your ward.
  11. e-eye

    Preparing for Conference

    I listen to them at the gym. So when i am surrounded by bad language, terrible music and immodesty, i have found great strength and even have been uplifted while working out.
  12. e-eye

    Preparing for Conference

    This is interesting. I had a prompting this week that it was time for me to understand Isaiah - i had this feeling of it coming alive as well. I was also prompted to study revelation, which opened my eyes to some new things.
  13. e-eye

    Speculations for General Conference

    This can be harder in smaller wards. Just not enough people to go around sometimes. I was in the bishopric and the bishop came to me and said. Oh, I am calling your wife as the relief society president and releasing you. I was like... Oh okay. Happened a couple months later and we both did the callings for about 6 weeks - I loved being in ward council together with her. After having Sunday callings for 10 or so years I am now the young men's secretary - I get the kids ready for church when she goes to meetings (luckily they are a little older now) and it's been a good switch for us. Lucky for us we have a large ward with plenty of people to take care of callings.
  14. e-eye

    Speculations for General Conference

    You may not like it but I am also thinking you don't understand this situation or how bishops work. A bishop has wife, kids, job and life. I have seen some bishops do there calling so much they destroy their marriage and family. You look at the system as barriers I look at it as assistance. Handing out cash doesn't fix long term problems, budgeting and helping out does. There are a lot of people out there who abuse the church welfare system - some knowingly and some unknowingly. The welfare system is a short term program to get you back on your feet. The problem with most welfare situation is that people need way more help than the bishop has time or skills to offer. That is why systems are put in place. For my friend who is bishop he was spending over 12 + hours a week just meeting with people who had welfare problems (It was a poor area). The bishop before him was so nice he just said yes to everyone so my friend was left with a job to work with these people to stop becoming reliant on the church. The first person someone should call when they are in need is not the bishop. They should call family first, and then if that falters they should reach out to the bishop. Like I mentioned the bishop would meet with them for emergencies but if they needed longer term assistance they needed to work with the Elders Quorum president "who has keys to help" or assigned person who could do this under delegation of the bishop. The whole idea of the self reliance program is to become self reliant so that instead of asking for help we can be able to help others. People will always have bad times regardless of what they do and for those difficult times the church can help out "as much as possible" but we are expected to do everything we can. I believe my friend was inspired to put in a system where he actually helped people. The way I see it is if people won't jump through a couple hoops for welfare there is a good chance they didn't need it as bad as they thought. Oh and trust me I have been there needing assistance before - I hated it - it's a humbling situation.