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The polygamy "whitewash" continues ...

Rollo Tomasi

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I contrast this with the behavior of career and avocational critics of the Church in venues such as this, critics who never quite get around to showing "a better way." There is really no comparison. I don't buy your argument.

You can contrast it all you want. You seem to reject any comparison that is not exact in every way. Buy what you want. Reject what you want.

The fact remains that the LDS teaches that the Catholic church fell into error and showcases this within the very first discussions a new investigator hears. Criticism is criticism. Obviously there are differences in magnitud. I agree. But even your church teaches that there are problems within other faiths. That's all many of us are here doing.

Last word is yours. Moving on.

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Is there anything that has not been said in 13 pages?    Threads that begin as an accusation set the tone and  generally do not have anywhere to go but down. 

Let's move on to something new.

Yes, this thread has outlived it's usefulness... 13 pages ago. :P


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