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Primary Children to speak in General Conference

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Primary Children to Speak in General Conference This Weekend

A wave of excitement is sweeping ahead of the upcoming General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as multiple children are set to take the pulpit, marking a historic departure from tradition.

Dubbed the “Young Orators,” these children, whose identities are being kept confidential until the event, are poised to deliver messages of hope, faith, and love to the congregation, promising a General Conference experience unlike any other.

Amidst the palpable anticipation, observers are abuzz with speculation about the significance of this unprecedented decision. Some see it as a testament to the Church’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, while others view it as a nod to the wisdom and insight that children bring to the faith community.

Church officials have remained tight-lipped about the details, preferring to let the moment unfold naturally, but have expressed enthusiasm for the unique perspective that the Young Orators will bring to the conference.

The inclusion of multiple children in this year’s conference lineup is a reflection of the Church’s recognition of the importance of amplifying diverse voices within its ranks. It symbolizes a broader shift towards embracing the contributions of all members, regardless of age, gender, or background.
As the day of the conference draws near, excitement continues to mount, with attendees eagerly anticipating the profound impact that these young voices will have on the congregation and the Church as a whole. Their messages, delivered with the innocence and sincerity that only children possess, are sure to resonate deeply with all those in attendance.


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You got me.

I was trying to come up with some way to see this as a good thing and was failing pretty badly.  I was never so happy to read the last line of a post before. :lol:

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