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Mom might be dying this time


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9 hours ago, Pyreaux said:

What would you ask her if you could?

My mom has been gone for several years, and I wouldn't ask her, but would agree to looking through her cedar chest to give me things she wanted me to have. I always put it off and thought she didn't need to give me anything. I kick myself for not sitting down and going through it with her. How lame am I!

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16 hours ago, Pyreaux said:

What would you ask her if you could?

I just want to hear her real voice again, with her intelligence in it and not with the childish dementia clouding everything.  I want to know that burden is gone

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17 hours ago, rodheadlee said:

If she accepted her temple work. It was done by a board member's daughter. I am eternally grateful for this place and meeting so many good people. 

Just wanted to let you know, she is graduating next week and will be doing a licensing test. She also had some health problems and is currently unable to drive so it will be after Nov 3rd before she can get them sealed. If I remember right, she has all the other ordinances done.

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