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Times article: How Mormonism Went Mainstream

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7 hours ago, Nofear said:

Joseph Smith was 17 when he saw Moroni, not 21. Google legit information sources next time.

By saying an unspecified black "restriction" you are contributing to the public's ignorance of whether it is the priesthood or membership. This is how we got the cringe scene with Christopher Hitchens and Al Sharpton concerning Mitt Romney, neither knew what they were saying.

Joseph Smith denied being a "treasure digger" (or any mystical con) Josiah Stowell, hired him to help dig for silver mine. Its location was indicated on a map, not via a seer stone. Bytheway, Wikipedia is trash when it comes to certain pages on Mormonism Editor John Foxe just loves the treasure digger narrative.

The article doesn't really explain why or how its mainstream, only a timeline of when. I think they peg Utah's statehood, Romney's Presidential run, and after the media and Hollywood gained an obsession with us. I wonder by what measure they determine the church is "mainstream". Because its mildly tolerated? Because it's no longer obscure thanks to the bizarre amount of attention it gets from mainstream outlets, even though the attention is almost always negative attention.

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