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Latter-day Saints, which type of validation do you want most?

Latter-day Saints, which type of validation do you want most?  

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  1. 1. Latter-day Saints, which type of validation do you want most?

    • Muslims to consider us ahl-l-khitab (People of the Book)
    • None - Their creeds are an abomination and mommy and daddy loved me, so I don't care.
    • Other (specify)

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5 minutes ago, MustardSeed said:

Our bishop always chooses the music 

He must like being busy!

I've not met many organists that could play every hymn in the book well enough to let another dictate what they would be playing each week, but if they have enough time to practice maybe it doesn't matter?

I think our organist runs the music by the bishop for him to rubber stamp it.  But maybe not even that.  If it's in the hymnbook, it seems like it should be allowed no matter what. Hmmm, now I'm curious and might have to ask our organist how it works.

We don't currently have a chorister and the YM have been taking turns standing up in the front of the congregation and waving their arms.  So I'm pretty sure they are at the bottom of the barrel as far as dictating anything. 

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12 hours ago, bluebell said:

Uh, I've never heard that before.  My husband chose the topics (along with the bishop) every time he had to ask someone to speak.  Sometimes, though not often, they would leave it up to the person speaking to choose their own topic.

And the chorister and organist always chose the music.

It would be impossible for it to come from SLC.  

You reminded me of my mother-in-law serving her mission in Vanuatu.  Part of her mission was to take 5 or 6 keyboards and simplified hymnbooks with her and teach the people how to play them. One of the branches met in a shelter with 4 posts in the ground and tarps over it.  So while technically not impossible it would be very difficult for Salt Lake to choose for them. 

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I want to be considered a Christian. Especially as being a monotheistic, Trinitarian who believes in salvation by grace alone through faith alone etc. But at the end of the day what matters is that God considers me a Christian. 

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