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The 2008 Case when Californian Civil Rights trumped Religious Rights just prior to Prop 8

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Calm had wanted a link messaged to her, but messages to her can't be sent. So, here:


That is all I have, discuss if you want. Some said they never heard of it, and some disbelieved it. Here you go.

California gave homosexuals the right to marry, Proposition 8 did not remove any rights, except for the use of the word "marriage" to describe such unions. The equal protections remained in place, it was a fight over definition, it determined whether religions retained the right to be licensed by the state to preform essential and social services, as the North Coast Women's Care Medical Group Inc. case decided on 1 April 2008, those who are licensed by the State cannot treat homosexuals differently than heterosexuals. 

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I gritted my teeth and deleted some treasured messages so I can get more now.  Thanks for looking for me and the link.  :) 

I have bookmarked it for future reading so if mods want to delete this thread as political, works for me.  👍

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