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Hey guys! This might seem like a strange post but I was wondering what it truly means to "know" something. I came across the Gettier problem in philosophy (there is a lot written about it). I find it very difficult right now to figure out how we can know that anything is truthful, knowing how easy it is to be deceived. I have had times in my life where the Spirit told me this that or the other, and they turned out to be wrong. Maybe it was the influence false spirits, but I am not sure. How am I supposed to know the difference? The question I guess is this (and forgive me for how silly it seems): how can any of us know that we know anything aside from just knowing that we had an experience? If the answer is that we can't then it seems the most rational position to take is agnosticism, if I am not wrong.

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Humans don't function off of empirical data. You know using; Intuition; Sensory data; Reason; Moral outcomes (it works or functions); Appeals to Authority.

I can't say I know you are real, but I'll say I know you are real = I mean I have confidence you are a real person. Why? With my senses, I saw this post here. But there is a chance you could be a bot. But then there are anti-bot protocols here. That authority is evidence that I know (90% confident) you are a person based on that evidence. 

Test every spirit whether it is of God or not, experience is how to tell the difference. If it functions, it should be evidence. Not a baseless claim.

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The only thing I can say I know at this age is how little I know about anything because so much changes minute to minute.  I guess I know that flexibility and resilience are important qualities to foster and that the need to control others is only a prison for myself.  Other than that…. All I can do is hope.  

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