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Kirtland podcast series

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How interesting. Hey @Calm is this something i can learn from?? Is this educative??  Because i am still learning because i am a fresh new Mormon like you know. And i need to learn more. ✝️

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Looks interesting.  Thanks, Calm. :) 

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11 hours ago, Calm said:

It is educational and if you want to get into church history, not a bad way to go. 

You could also read the Saints volumes online as they are in-depth and very well done history texts made to educate members by the Church History dept.  Cover from the beginnings, so might be better if you don’t know much about church history to start there and then when you get to the Kirtland period, these podcasts would make more sense perhaps.

These are podcasts for the first volume:


This has links to the Saints books as well as other history sources. Some of them might be published in Dutch, I don’t know for sure if any are though. 


I have allready watched one episode of 25 minuts about Olivier. How interesting. 💒

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I'm listening to the podcasts and i find them really amazing. Super educative. And just really nice.✝️

Thank you so much dear @Calm that you wanted to share this with us. 

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