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Call for reference….it is a board rule enforced by mods (you can be banned from a thread at least if you ignore it) that if you make a statement of fact without documentation, at least a link, and someone wants more information or is challenging the accuracy of your statement, they can issue a CFR.  You either need to provide the info or withdraw the claim or rewrite it as your opinion or personal experience, which then gives it a different type of value in arguments.  Just pointing to a website and telling someone to read it is not enough, it needs to go directly to the info or be identified so the person can track it down (if offline, name of source, location and a quote of the material so people can see if your interpretation is correct).  The board had a lot of academic and academically inclined at the beginning and still has quite a few who like to research and others who want to have substantive conversations and it has added, imo, a more meaningful, informative quality to conversations that you can’t find many other places.  I love it as I like to often do additional research and it is much easier than trying to find info on a unreferenced claim.

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