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Anchorage Temple to be moved

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It sounds like it would be too difficult or expensive to simply reconfigure the current one while still more than doubling its space.  The location is basically across the street from the map.

It started out as one of the first smaller temples and has already had its footprint doubled once (2003).  Maybe they also don’t want to shutdown the temple again for a long period again so soon.  

Added:  looks like terrain and surrounding buildings and the street limiting any more expansion out could be the reason for the move.

According to Reddit, the current temple is dwarfed by the stake center next to it, so it sounds like it really needs the expansion.

Sounds like this guy knows the buildings well:


Interestingly enough, the current Temple has two endowment rooms that seat 40 people each. The new Temple will have two endowment rooms that seat 40 people each. So it's really not going to help with endowment capacity at all. Although, the two existing rooms are currently progressive, and the two new rooms will be stationary. Which might give them more flexibility on how often they do sessions. Baptistry is going to be a lot bigger, the changing rooms will be a lot bigger, and I think both of the sealing rooms should be bigger as well. Plus it should have a full on site laundry now. Biggest advantage is you're not stuck back in that corner, where the parking lot is the lowest spot on the lot right in front of the Temple, and you don't have a weird two-story Temple that has an incredibly low square footage. The stake center has also had lots of repairs after a couple of fires, so that's being replaced too. I'm hoping the saints in Anchorage are excited for this announcement

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I am hearing from a few people that the Anchorage Temple had multiple issues. I know Anchorage was expanded, but the Hinckley Temples that were built larger to start with had bigger baptisteries (just a little bigger), slightly larger changing rooms, and a more logical layout for the endowment rooms. The original expansion at Anchorage was really limited by the terrain they were working with, so they did not really get to change some of the things there that they fixed at Monticello when it was also expanded



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8 hours ago, blackstrap said:

Anyone know why ? It is said that the 10 tribes will come out of the North. Perhaps they will need more room . 

Based on the photos here https://churchofjesuschristtemples.org/anchorage-alaska-temple/photographs/ my guess is the baptistry is too small, so they'll making that bigger (maybe a second one?), and with that an upgrade of the associated changing rooms and infrastructure etc. 

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