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Turning back to the Scriptures, now more than ever…

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I wish to bring up some personal reasons for a few questions, concerning the need to follow Scriptural, and all it’s “laws and commandments”. This of course would not mean the “Law of Moses”, since Jesus Christ came to fulfill that law. However, I wish this to be a thread (one of the few I write, especially of late), as (in part) we “follow the Prophet”. But as many Prophets have warned, “consult the Scriptures, and Pray”, to know if is right, or true. Not to mention the countless sermons, where we are commanded to read the Scriptures daily. Along with the continuing counsel to read and obey the “Word of God”. Be it the pre-mortal Christ, (Jehovah) from “before the foundations of the world”. Or the “Word and the teachings” of the Lord Jesus Christ in morality, including those Apostles who gave it to us, in all our Scriptures. 

One thing that got me thinking on this commandment to “read and heed”, the “Word of God”, is from watching one of my big brothers, dying before my eyes. I have given him a blessing, but more importantly quoting the Scriptures which teach that Jesus Christ Grace, is sufficient, and for him to take upon the “yoke of Jesus Christ, for it is easy to bare” because he feels unworthy to pray.Now, he has little time remaining, and hearing him so much pain, is to very hard to bare. But, no matter his mistakes, I love him…I just can’t help myself.

The other reason this topic is very much on my mind, is my own brush with death. In late July, for my first few days in ICU, my wife was told she needed to prepare for the fact that I might not be coming home. Since this, the Insulin I a, now taking, almost put into a coma, it was only due to my wife’s quick thinking, that she got my sugars up fast, as I was unable communicate. Twice, this has happened again, but I have learned recognize the signs, along with linking my sugar’s to her phone. 


My question, or even my desire for a debate, discussion, with the caveat that near death experiences are not needed to inspire, or create the need to study the Scriptures more deeply. Most of those I know here study deeply needing no motivation, or just are always desires of study. Although I did read various Scriptures daily, I now feel the desire to allow my Scripture study, to help put my own house in order. 

I ask these questions concerning the study of the scriptures, due to many of modern day issues. A book that the Book of Mormon, helps us all understand our modern day would. Unless of course there are those who longer believe, but the Bible can often do the same. To use the Scriptures to “put of the natural man, and become Spiritual man (or woman). A common situation, that as move closer to our God, we must often move closer to the Scriptures. There is also a clear warning given to all, in the last days, “that the wicked, “will call good evil, and call evil good”. 

I am not making this personal, only to let some know of my desire to seek out God’s Laws, and to find comfort in the same. This is not a sermon either, just looking for an opportunity to do as we once did, (a lot) discuss the “Scripture and the doctrines of the Kingdom”; again!

Sorry for any errors, my mind is occupied with my brother day and night right now. So, I don’t know if I will have time to answer questions, or respond to posts. 

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