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Baptismal Covenant vs Endowment Covenants

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17 hours ago, mfbukowski said:


This is what I wrote that started this squabble and you have still not addressed the issues I have brought up which now have been "seconded" and "thirded" ;) by both Kevin C, and Navidad.

I'm done, but wish you well.

You have still not shown how "truth" is defined in either biblical studies OR theology, but seem to be saying that alleged truth is established by majority rule, ie: whoever is most popular in academic circles, when we already know that beliefs which are similar to LDS beliefs tend to be NOT popular among those who place the importance of the bible above the Book of Mormon.


I haven't been talking about truth at all. You don't seem to have been following the conversation. If I understand right you seem more interested in having a philosophical discussion on what is truth, but that's not really something I've brought up.  Nor is it what anyone else has been discussing in this thread, aside from you. 

Again I'm confused though - who said we were having a squabble? You're the second person here who has taken disagreement with me to mean that we must be fighting? I never got that impression at all. Disagreement is how we learn. 

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