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Racial Slur at BYU Game - Real or Hoax?

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5 hours ago, JarMan said:

Maybe when she liked this tweet it was because she thought the picture showed black and white men working together in harmony.

I know I'm probably not supposed to say this, but I think that picture is kind of funny. If I were on the Twitters I very well may have "Liked" it myself.

Kind of makes me think of that sketch from the Chappelle show - you know, the one with the Time Haters. Funny stuff. Does that make me a racist too?


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10 hours ago, Calm said:

Has anyone seen details about the encounter afterwards where the fan said he approached Richardson because he thought she looked like a friend of his?  Were they separated from the group so only she could hear him or were others there?  If it is a she said/he said situation and she believes she heard him say a threat, she has no reason to change her mind as he would simply be lying to

I believe the report said he approached another teammate and spoke to her, rather than speaking directly to Richardson. Either Richardson or the teammate claimed he said, "Watch your back." or "You better watch your back." and believed it was a threat.

The young man, who is apparently mentally handicapped in some way not specified (it sounds like he might be on the spectrum?) was apparently noisy enough and making enough pointed comments to the team, "Watch the net!" and possibly shouting names to unsettle several of the girls, not just Richardson. It sounds like a socially awkward and over-enthusiastic man tried to get the attention of the pretty young girls... and the girls reacted predictably. They shied away from what they perceived to be a creepy guy.

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Unfortunately, even if Ms. Richardson has pure motives, is simply and sincerely mistaken, and so on, I doubt the same can be said of her godmother.

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18 hours ago, Emily said:

I read through more of Richardson's comments and honestly, I don't think she's lying. She seems sincere and genuinely distressed in the comments I read and some of the events she mentions did actually occur. Her interpretation, however, may be a bit faulty. 

For example, police said many of the BYU students were yelling the names of the players from both teams. Rachel said the same thing, but felt that she and the other black players were being singled out.

I don't know about the other black players on the team, but Richardson is a very pretty girl, so it's quite possible some over-enthusiastic young males were indeed singling her out.

A friend of mine also noted that there is a "Nikki" and a "Ngozi" on the Duke team. If either one was playing that night, bad acoustics and lots of extra noise might have turned a name into an offensive word.

Police say the young man accused of yelling the slurs was looking at his phone at one of the times he supposedly was yelling. Rachel also noticed him playing with his phone but thought he was making a recording.

In one of the official video clips from the game, the announcer says things were getting tense when BYU was not doing as well during the third set and into the fourth set. Rachel also noticed tension at that point, but felt it was threatening towards her and her teammates.

She says she reported the slur and guards were sent down to protect the team. This is corroborated by BYU and the police. These guards also reported they didn't hear any racial slurs but did hear player names being yelled. 

Basically, I do think she's recounting what actually happened, as she perceived it. So it's probably best not to consider her a liar. Just a young girl who was under a lot of pressure at the time -- whose relatives cared more about press coverage than they cared about possible fallout for Rachel. I feel rather bad for her. 







18 hours ago, Calm said:

Hadn’t thought of that, good possibility. And good analysis of her comments.

These are charitable conjectures, though they suggest real possibilities worthy of consideration. 

In light of the turn of events, I wish the accuser and the virtue signalers around her could be as charitable in assessing whether what she heard really amounted to racial slurs or just something that sounded like it. 

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7 hours ago, Tacenda said:

Probably not the first time this athlete has had racial slurs happen to her if it happened, and this lady in the article too. https://www.usatoday.com/videos/news/politics/2022/09/16/aoc-calls-out-higgins-calling-witness-boo/10396037002/


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1 hour ago, Scott Lloyd said:

Tacenda can’t start threads, so she tends to piggyback on existing threads to get stuff posted (she has admitted as much). Consequently, her posts sometimes seem to bear little-to-no relevance to the thread topic. 

This one actually did, did you watch the link?

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22 hours ago, Kenngo1969 said:


Unfortunately, even if Ms. Richardson has pure motives, is simply and sincerely mistaken, and so on, I doubt the same can be said of her godmother.

I agree on that count. The fact that she's up for election would make me suspicious of her motives even if she didn't have a history of beating that bandwagon. Which is why I feel bad for Richardson. Her relatives jumped to capitalize on the situation without thinking about how the press and social media might react, even if her accusations were true.

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1 hour ago, teddyaware said:

How ironic that you would question the strength and depth of my testimony when it appears obvious to me that, at best, you only believe about 50% of what the Church teaches. 

i'm not quite certain you know what church actually teaches, which is why I exhorted to you get started 

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According to one comment, school employees who were standing nearby were asked to stop the chants, but claimed they didn’t hear anything. If true, I find that worse behaviour than the chanting, the refusal to even acknowledge someone’s complaint is valid. That silences their voice.  And no wonder if so, this appears to be a repeat of what happened last year (according to DN article). What consequences, if any, did any fan suffer from similar behaviour last year?

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