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When did Moses' first Temple/ Temple-like ordinances occur, pre- or post-Tabernacle?

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On 3/6/2022 at 4:41 PM, JLHPROF said:


The covenants have literally changed repeatedly.  Even in the past couple of years.  That's undeniable.

As for the endowment proper...that depends on what you think you're given, ie endowed with.  I personally think most of that has been removed too.

Honestly, there's virtually nothing left from what Joseph restored.  Those are the elements Moses received on the mount.  Not just the creation story.

Always think of the FUNCTION of beliefs, not as magic amulets and spells.  The BELIEF and faith is what matters, not magic words.

Egyptian had their "endowment" and magic wearing apparel as well and tombs were robbed not only for riches, but because the robbers thought the signs, objects and tokens would get them past the celestial guards, into a better afterlife. Magic symbols don't get you into a better afterlife, but your faith that God can give you one, the better you emulate him, will.

Building unity of belief in such things has been part of human culture forever.  I think it is power of unified belief in the "club" gives the experience of moving mountains. It's the praxis, not the words, the unified circle, not the words or symbols.  It is the act of dancing, as one, not the steps of the dance. 

It's what motivates armies.

If you have the ears for that idea, you will be born again into a new world.

Joseph got that big time.

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