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70 Missionaries robbed at gunpoint in Mexico


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Gunmen rob 70 missionaries, assault mission president and his wife during zone conference in Mexico

Two gunmen robbed 70 missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Friday, kicking or hitting some of them, and assaulting the mission president and his wife, a church spokesman said.

The incident happened during a zone conference of the Mexico Torreón Mission in Torreón. The robbers entered a church meetinghouse with guns and a knife and demanded cell phones, tablets and wallets from 13 sisters and 57 elders.

“Local police were immediately called after the men fled the scene and no one needed additional medical care,” church spokesman Sam Penrod said in a news release. “A church counselor is traveling from Mexico City to assist with emotional needs and other counseling options are also being made available. Parents are being contacted by the church and missionaries are being encouraged to contact their families.”

The church is taking precautions to protect the missionaries, Penrod said.

“Missionaries have been removed from the area where the incident occurred and instructed to be extra cautious,” he said. “A church security officer is in Torreón to evaluate the situation. Our prayers are with these missionaries and their families as they recover from this frightening and traumatic experience.”

The mission president is President Alfredo Zanudo. His wife is Sister Guadalupe Zanudo. They were threatened at knifepoint.

“We know that this has been a very scary and emotional time for your missionary and is alarming to you,” President Zanudo wrote in a message to parents that was posted on Facebook. “Many of the missionaries lost their electronic devices and may not be able to respond immediately to your messages, however, we are asking them to communicate with you so that you can know how they are doing. ... We hope that you can offer them reassurance and listen to their concerns.

“We are grateful that our Heavenly Father was watching over us today and ask that the Spirit will help to comfort all of us as we recover from this upsetting incident. We love your faithful sons and daughters who are serving their Lord with all of their heart, might, mind and strength and our prayers are always with them.”


That's pretty bold for only 2 men against all those young missionaries.

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21 minutes ago, strappinglad said:

There would not be this outcome in the days of OP Rockwell.👿

Yeah, reportedly he carried two pistols in his hair.

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On 11/14/2021 at 2:01 AM, The Nehor said:

I am not sure adding a body count would have been an improvement.

It's problematic, certainly.

One of the potential problems is this: one doesn't know if compliance with the perp will yield the preferred outcome of "No one gets hurt." Because some of those perps have rather cavalier attitudes with respect to others' lives. 

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My companion and I were robbed in Peru in 1982, but not in person. Somebody broke into our apartment and stole only my companion's tape recorder. I think after they broke in they probably dropped a few swear words after they realized there was nothing of worldly value other than some clothes (which were mostly white shirts, ties, dress pants, and unusual underwear).

I'm glad that nobody was seriously hurt in Mexico.

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I'm sure it's been noticed, but this is sad news. 


I'm sure someone will start a thread since there are many members on this island. Sorry I had to use this thread but unable to start posts.

ETA: It's not only Tonga that needs to worry. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/tsunami-advisory-issued-parts-us-west-coast-undersea-volcanic-eruption-rcna12350

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