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21-0 BYU versus University of South Florida (USF) so far!

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28-6 at half, but the Cougs can't let their guard down: USF gets the ball to start the second half!

:yahoo: Rah, rah, rah-rah-rah! :yahoo: 

:yahoo: Rah, rah, rah-rah-rah! :yahoo: 

:yahoo: Rah, rah, rah-rah-rah! :yahoo: 

Goooooo, Cougars!!!

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Final: 35-27 ... too close for comfort for me.  But, as I told my parents in a text, BYU's been making it more ... Ahem! ... interesting ... than I like it, all season long, but they've also won ... all season long [so far], so I guess I can't argue with results. ;):D 

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      "There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes and opposing college football coaches citing BYU's age difference as an advantage.
      The day-to-day lives that missionaries lead might not seem like they have anything to do with football -- but in fact, everything that missionaries do helps them be the best football players on the planet." 
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      This is too funny...  Last year, Radio Host Mike Welch, unhappy with the BYU football team's brawl in Miami tweeted out "If you are going to be a religious school w/ a football team full of thugs, you have to be willing to accept the backlash. #BYU #thugmormons"
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      I wore an off-white shirt to sacrament meeting #thugmormons
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      Here is a heartwarming story of success for a Ghanaian boy, Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah, who studied hard and played sports at Golden Sunbeam School in Accra, played football at BYU, and is now the #5 draft pick of the National Football League. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765634823/Steve-Young-Ziggy-Ansah-connected-through-charity-work-in-Ghana.html?pg=all#cxrecs_s .
      Africa is where the greatest growth in the LDS Church is now taking place. Yet much of the relief work done by the Church in Africa is little known and not directed at Church members or at proselyting. Thirty years ago, for example, LDS humanitarian efforts were directed at famine relief in the south Sudan, and money spent was handled for the Church through Catholic Relief. BYU has had a wide array of clever ways to bring water and power to out of the way places in Africa. Private efforts by organizations like Steve Young's Forever Young Foundation have also made major contributions to local needs. These are things you won't hear about from the guys at "South Park," nor in their Broadway production of "The Book of Mormon."
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