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Because I am bored, I am seeing if I can fact check the lockdown protests claim it was mostly neoNazis types, this is from the POV of the police (basically “they came to hurt us, so the few that got hurt deserved it)…but let’s be honest, I am posting this because I have never seen “nancy pancying” in a news article before.


We will know relatively soon on one issue if they keep to the plan…construction is semischeduled to begin again on Oct 5, but that depends on the “epidemiology “.  The industry had bad vaccination rates, mandated vaccinations and safer working conditions are intended to lower vulnerability.


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1 hour ago, bsjkki said:

Masks outside are absolutely ridiculous unless you are in a crowd and even then, outdoor event outbreaks are very rare. 

This is a point that Zenyep Tufecki was making in spring 2020. She had been calling out the media for ignoring science and pointlessly beach shaming the public - even tho the evidence indicated that distanced outdoor activities were fairly safe.

That said, we have had spread events tied to outdoor activities (eg: bike event). I'd wager there was a lot of super close & possibly indoor activity happening there.

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2 hours ago, Calm said:

but let’s be honest, I am posting this because I have never seen “nancy pancying” in a news article before.

A perfect justification that works in any forum even if it is irrelevant. Reminds me of this:



Side note: The following is the first sentence from a journal article on starling metabolism:

We trained two starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) to fly in a wind tunnel whilst wearing respirometry masks.

I really think the paper should have stopped there; no matter what their results were, they can't possibly improve on the achievement they opened with.



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