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BYU Moving to the Big 12


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I think BYU is in for some tough sledding for a few years, but it will be interesting to see how things shake out.  I think it's interesting how so many of the people who, formerly, were saying that BYU wasn't competitive enough to join a major conference and that, collectively, conferences should turn their noses up at BYU, now are saying, "Big-12?  Meh.  P-4.5."  We'll see.

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3 hours ago, Kenngo1969 said:

"Big-12?  Meh.  P-4.5."  We'll see.


3 hours ago, Calm said:

Translation, please. 

Hmm.  It might be like trying to translate something from Klingon into English when the translator himself knows only about a dozen words in Klingon, but I'll do my best. ;) Historically in football, the most competitive conferences in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) have been grouped together, the group of five conferences being known [at least in recent years] as the "Power 5" or "P5," as well as by other names previously*. Only schools from these "Power 5" conferences  have been eligible to compete or to be considered for the most lucrative end-of-year, beginning-of-the-following year college football bowl games with the biggest monetary payouts.  Since Texas and Oklahoma, two very strong football programs, will be leaving, some people have derided the "P5" Big 12 as "P4.5."

Theoretically, it was possible for a team outside the "Power 5" conferences (from a group, since it comes from one of the "other 5" conferences, known as "Group of 5," or "G5") to compete in a major, lucrative bowl, but they had to play a certain strength of schedule (difficult to do, since a lot of the "Power 5" teams don't play a lot of games outside the group), to finish no lower than a certain high slot in the final Top 25 polls, and so on.  The University of Utah did it, I believe, twice under this arrangement (before joining the PAC-12 Conference, which is one of the "P5.")

A few years ago, the Big 12 (a "Power 5") was looking to expand, and BYU was rumored to be one of the candidates.  The rumor was that more than a couple of the college presidents of Big 12 schools balked at inviting BYU, allegedly because of BYU's history of being sponsored by a racist institution, given the Priesthood ban, possibly due to the perception that BYU is hostile to gays, and so on.  My personal opinion (and it is just that: take it for what it's worth) is that the Big 12 wanted to invite other schools whose athletic facilities, competition, and so forth were inferior to BYU's, but the conference powers-that-were couldn't figure out how they could invite the other schools and not BYU without getting egg on their faces, since BYU, despite being (at the time) an independent and not a "P5" school, has very strong athletic programs, terrific facilities, and so on.  So, rather than risk having to explain why they didn't invite BYU, at the time, the Big 12 chose to not expand at all.

Well, Texas and Oklahoma announced they're leaving the Big 12 to join the Southeastern Conference ("SEC") another "Power 5" and, historically, a very strong football conference.  I think the Big 12 ran out of excuses to exclude BYU that wouldn't leave egg on the faces of the conference's powers-that-be, especially since BYU's football program is at least as strong [and stronger, in some cases] as that of the other schools will be joining the Big 12: University of Cincinnati, University of Central Florida, and the University of Houston.

Depending on how the Conference is set up (since its quite large), it may be divided into two divisions, with the team that finishes the best in each division, respectively, playing for the conference championship (and, possibly, therefore, for a chance to go to a major Bowl) each year.  BYU will have to broaden its base for recruiting the kind of athletes that will allow it to compete: A bunch of pasty white kids from the Utah suburbs, even if they've shown really well against other Utah high school competition, might not be able to keep up with Texas kids whose level of competition, even in high school, already is as good as anybody BYU has on its roster.  BYU probably will have to take its lumps for a few years.  And in basketball, the Big 12 has some of the best programs in the country.  Every school in the conference is good in basketball probably every year, so BYU has its work cut out for it there.

Probably more than you needed or wanted, but, there you go!

*History isn't really relevant to my explanation, so I'd rather not get too far into the weeds.  (As though this doesn't do that already! :o  Sorry!)


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@Garden Girl

Garden Girrrrrrrrrrl!  My Sister!  BYU has had, not just one, but two big wins, one against an arch-rival that had been quite the thorn in the Cougs' side in recent years (after 9 straight losses to it in football ...  It's one of my alma maters, but, Shhhhh!  That'll be our little secret! :D) with nary a word from you, which is uncharacteristic of you!  I was wondering why we hadn't heard from you and if everything is OK.

Hope you and Your Kitty are well!

Warm Regards & Best Wishes,

-Ken :D 

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 BYU won….interesting to read about it from the AZ POV:


GG visits the board quite a bit and gives out rep points, but she says she is fine and just rather busy right now, so we aren’t seeing her posts as usual. 

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