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Another Vet On His Way Out

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Beside a Grove and Standing Down a Dale


For Norbert


The widowed vet, his vigil kept apace,

His life gradatim grinds its measured steps,

Towards that rest where smiling lies his love,

Beside a grove and standing down a dale.


His daughters fret so far away and pine,

His sons grim-lipped giv’n tret for wasted miles,

As measured steps descend a-down the path,

Towards that grove a-standing down that dale.


The maidens coo and fuss to ease his steps,

The sawbones scribble, rearrange effects,

While he continues down, a-down His path,

To rise, be raised with her, be raised by Him.


© Ronald L Dunn (13 August 2021)



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