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Picture share thread.

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My youngest daughter made me this map to cheer me up, as I spend so much of my time in my room. Oh, I love maps; a lot! She also gave me pins to note where I have been. To date that equals 33 States, and 12 countries, so far. At the lower right side of the map, lies another great love, my Scriptures, which I read, due to my love of reading, and lately because they bring comfort. My family also bought and placed 15 of my poems in this large picture holder, well only 14,  as the top middle reads, “Poems by Bill”. This was bought many years ago. My parents loved it so much, I put it in their house until they both passed away. My brother (one of them) thought I was just being vain. I read two poems, requested by my Mother at her funeral, and he became enraged (as he blew up on the phone afterward) that I would use her death to promote myself. I did not want to speak at her funeral, as I feared I would not get through it, and I didn’t get through the second poem, as I began sobbing. Thankfully, my sister set him straight. Anyway, I love this picture, because most of the things in it, were given to me by those I love, and those who love me. Also those whom I wish to be with for years to come, but this is, and always has been in the hands of God, as all things are. 

Edited by Bill “Papa” Lee
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