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President oaks on the constitution

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2 minutes ago, JLHPROF said:

We just did.  The Magna Charts of the United States in verse 7 is a reference to Constitutional principle.

From the talk :) : "A fourth inspired principle is in the cluster of vital guarantees of individual rights and specific limits on government authority in the Bill of Rights, adopted by amendment just three years after the constitution went into force.  A bill of rights was not new.  Here, the inspiration was in the practical implementation of principles pioneered in England, beginning with the Magna Carta.  The writers of the constitution were familiar with these because some of the colonial charters had such guarantees.  Without a bill of rights, America could not have served as the host nation for the restoration of the gospel, which began just three decades later. "

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1 minute ago, ttribe said:

Serious question - Are you equating President Benson's "warn[ing] [to] the Church that the gigantic worldwide secret combination of the last days, prophesied by the prophet Moroni in Ether Chapter 8, was then in existence (1988) and even then gaining increasing conspiratorial control over the United States and the entire world" with the "New World Order" often mentioned in various right-wing circles and writings?

Serious question.  Have you ever heard of the Cold War (1947-1991)?

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