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Los angeles temple to go to phase 2!

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I am a temple worker in the Los Angeles temple, and was informed that the temple will go to Phase 2  "after April Conference".

That means that patrons who are missionaries and need to receive their own Endowments, and people about to be sealed who have not received their Endowment, will now be permitted to receive it.

Proxy work for the dead is not yet permitted

Pretty exciting!

Sorry, I tried to capitalize the title twice to no avail



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On 3/24/2021 at 12:20 AM, mfbukowski said:

 ... Sorry, I tried to capitalize the title twice to no avail ...

e.e. cummings runs the board. ;)

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3 hours ago, Durangout said:

Patrons don’t receive their “endowments”.  (plural).  They receive an endowment (singular).  


I speak English pretty well.   Notice that the subject of the sentence is plural- "patrons who are missionries" and each receives his/her own endowment, but as a worker one does multiple ceremonies, making them "endowments".

"We did 5 own endowments today for patrons"= "I was honored to officiate at the ceremonies for 5 missionaries." 

 Now THAT would be a good day!!

Note that the other of the compound subject "people" uses the singular - "people who have not received their endowment" which is also correct.

I talk English purrdy good an mo bettah than lotsa peoples.  ;)


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