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The Doctrine and Covenants and American Exceptionalism

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26 minutes ago, Glenn101 said:

It was a caricature of conservative thought. I do not know any conservatives that match the description in that video. And that is one thing wrong with such dismissal. It does nothing to bring people together but is rather is a continuation of polarization efforts that are having deleterious effects on our society.

I think the question captures the tension between progressives and conservatives. You could just as easily whip up a video with a list of things progressives say they love about America, but moan about on social media.

But I'm genuinely curious how you and others who embrace American Exceptionalism answer the question. What aspects of America today (not 1776, or the Reagan Years or the Millenium) do you love? What about America right now is exceptional?

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Early on after I started this thread, my motives were questioned and I was denounced without basis in fact for allegedly holding forth an under-the-radar political discussion. There were calls for the thread to be shut down, and I’ve no doubt one or more individuals privately lobbied the moderators to do just that. 

At this juncture, the thread remains open, and though it’s clear I have kicked a hornets’ nest to some extent, such was not my intent.  Rather, the intent was to point out a couple of truths, and at this point, those truths remain clear:

One, that Jesus Christ declared in revelation that He raised up wise men to formulate and implement the Constitution of the United States according to “just and holy principles” for the blessing of “all flesh.”

And, two, to the extent that the United States of America upholds these just and holy principles and promulgates and exemplifies them before the nations of the earth, it is an exceptional nation. 

I will add here that this exceptionalism is tied in with America’s role as the host nation for the base of operations from which the prophecy would be fulfilled that in the latter days, the gospel of Christ would be carried “to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.”

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3 hours ago, The Nehor said:

The weird thing is the people who are the most outwardly patriotic seem to hate everything in America.

Good question.

A language warning would have been nice, since there's an F-bomb in there...

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6 minutes ago, rchorse said:

A language warning would have been nice, since there's an F-bomb in there...

I missed it. Sorry. I have been reading so much garbage and watching so many capitol invasion videos correlating information I have probably become immune to it. Sorry.

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