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Help with finding a quotation


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This is butchered I know but does it sound familiar? 'The Temple is a house of learning or the Lord's classroom, the curriculum is the gospel and the teacher is the Holy Ghost'. Does that sound familiar? It sounds like something Pres. Packer would say but i've gone through his book "The Holy Temple" and have come up empty. Thank you!!!

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"'he temple is “a house of learning,” said Elder Russell M. Nelson'  https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/new-era/2013/10/symbolism-and-temple-preparation?lang=eng.

"a house of learning," D&C 88:119, 109:8

"create a home that is a house of learning wherein the Holy Ghost can reside and teach....The teacher is the Holy Ghost."  David A. Bednar, https://www2.byui.edu/Presentations/Transcripts/EducationWeek/2003_06_28_BednarD.htm.

The temple is the Lord's classroom. President Hinckley has said, "[The temple] becomes a school of instruction in the sweet and sacred things of God" {Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley, 635).  https://archive.org/stream/conferencereport1999a/conferencereport1999a_djvu.txt

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I think this is what you want. It is from Elder Asay. First, he quotes President Hinckley who said, "Let me put the matter to rest...The Temple is the Lord's University."

Then he expounded: "Yes, the temple is the Lord's University. The campus is the sparkling building and its beautiful grounds; the professors are the ordinance workers and the Holy Spirit; the curriculum is the gospel or Jesus Christ; and the instructional approach involved cognitive, affective, and motor or skill learning. Perfect teaching, like pure religion, involves knowing, feeling, and doing. It appeals to all of one's senses and results in an acquisition of knowledge, a simulation of throbs in the heart, and actual participation in meaningful activities."

Carlos E Assay. Temple Blessings and Applications (address to BYU Religion faculty, Mar 6 1998) p 3 

It is also included into the lecture by Bro Millet on temples here: 


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