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I've only been handcuffed once


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I promise my stories will end soon, but I'm having fun telling them. When I was 16/17 years old, me plus some of the other young men would break into the church. It was relatively easy actually, the front door only took about 10 seconds to get the locking mechanisms to disengage. It was always late at night and we would play basketball by the light of just one flashlight laying on the stage pointing horizontally down the center court line. So let me tell you how I ruined it for everyone. That night I stayed back aftet everyone left to take a shower because I was planning on sleeping in the chapel like i had many times before so I could wake up early and walk to school which was just 2 blocks away. But I never got to even finish the shower, 5 minutes in I was pulled out of the shower stall by 3 police officers, thrown to the ground butt naked and cuffed. They called my parents who called the bishop and he's the one who actually came to the church to talk to the cops. Fortunately the bishop found the whole situation funny and told the officers that he wasn't going to press charges. Apparently when the other guys left the church a neighbor saw them leaving and called the cops. Lucky me! Anyways, I'll never forget that night and whenever I see that bishop who's over 90 now he always tells me to put my hands up while pointing finger guns at me. 

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