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Kick it as hard as you can


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Yes. I'm bored. Plus for some reason some of you guys think I'm a troll, atleast that's what I've been told. So I'm going to write a bunch of  stories to prove I'm not a troll, why would a troll write this many stories in a row? Anyways, this story is from one of my favorite summer camps as a scout. Where I live the summer boy scout camps never had more than one mormon scout troop. Probably atleast 12 or so scout troops attended a week long camp and it was usually a pretty even split of baptist and methodist troops with us crazy mormons stuck right in the middle. But I loved it! Back in the late 80s when scouts was actually fun, one of the coolest things we did was everywhere we went during camp we would carry our troop flag and show off our awards from previous summer camps that were attached to the top of the pole above the flag. We had so many awards our pole looked like a lolly pop, it was a big roundball of ribbons all tied together and trust me we knew we were cool as snot😁. Nobody wanted to compete against us. We were the crazy mormons that never lost. If there's one thing growing up mormon gave you in the 80s and 90s was a confidence that was unmatched by other religions. You were a stripling warrior everytime you competed,  no matter what. But sometimes that will to win went to far, let me tell you how. It's funny now, but back then this story I'm about to tell you got us kicked out of summer camp. One of our favorite games at camp was called kick the can. Iet me tell what this game is incase you dont know. You have 2 teams and one of the teams stands in a circle protecting a metal can that has been placed in the middle of the circle on the ground. The goal of the game is for the other team to bust through the circle and kick the can outside of the circle and win a point. As you can imagine this game is fairly violent when played by teenage boys. Well, remember when I said we always won everything we played no matter what? This night we were actually losing to a baptist troop that had a few jv football players we couldn't quite deal with physically, basically they were kicking our butts. So our senior patrol leader switched up tactics, it was a brilliant plan at the same time being extremely stripling warrior of him to think up such a devious plan. When it was our turn to make the circle to protect the can, he told the other troop we were going to move the game down about 50 feet because the area we were playing in became so muddy it was hard to stand. So we moved the game down 50feet in a nice dry area and when he put the can down he put it over a little tree stump that had been cut down to just a few inches off the ground, the can fit perfect. Well 30 seconds later one of those big jv football guys came running in and well, we just let him go by us having a perfect angle to kick that can all the way to the moon. He broke 3 toes and a bone in his foot. Obviously we didn't win because the game ended as soon as he fell to the ground, but we didn't lose the game😉. But we did lose 3 days of camp because they made us leave. Any other scouts or ex Mia maids on here have a story that can top mine?

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