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Invitation to Mike Livingston


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Since the other thread is locked and you don’t have enough posts so I can send you a private message, I have to do this publicly. Apologies for that. 

I don’t know how to convey what FM members are like except for you to meet us. Let me know if you are interested in attending the next FairMormon conference, though it won’t be until August. If you happen to be in Provo the first week in August, I will buy you a ticket and arrange for you to meet other members. I am not sure about my own attendance. Predicting my life that far ahead is impossible, but hopefully I will get down there for at least an afternoon and get to meet you.

 If you want to bring another person along, let me know and I will see if I can get another sponsor. And maybe if a good time for me, I can cover that one as well.

Though you will have to get yourself there and pay for lodging if you don’t live in the area or have family or friends to bunk with.  I would offer my home, but no guest room and my daughter has severe social anxiety, so can’t handle strangers...working on it, but probably not cured by August unfortunately. 

Let me know if you are interested, I hope you can and want to make it,

Cal Robinson 

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Mike, If you don’t want to communicate publicly or can’t for any reason, you could tell JM, the FM member who you have already emailed, to pass on your answer to me. (I figured if you emailed him directly, he is a friend or acquaintance).

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Also just to clarify something that was said in the other thread, but not to suggest discussion given mods don’t like locked topics to start on new threads...

FairMormon has always said publicly and privately from the beginning if there is anything the Brethren ask us to take down, we will.  

That is the level of our respect for them. 

Btw, they never have asked us to take anything down as of this posting. 

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Holy crap calm that's extremely generous thank you so much!! I actually live on the east coast so I'm not sure if I would attend but I'm not saying no because I would like to meet you as well. Since it's in August it gives me plenty of time to finagle some things around if my wife and I feel  like coming out west. Thank you again that's extremely nice of you. I'm usually the one offering to buy stuff for people ( my kids, brother, employs with drinking problems😁) so it feels really good that you offered to pay for me to come out there, that hasn't happened in a long time. Trust me, I'll now be thinking of clever excuses to convince my wife a trip out west will be fun. We have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon so maybe I can work something out. If you want to pay for that I won't stop you 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Just kidding! Also I couldn't have you pay for me to come out there I'm perfectly happy to pay for me and my family. I wasn't going to post anymore  but maybe I'll give it another shot. 

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I have to save enough of my inheritance to upgrade to a new home for our 'golden years', something that needs much less upkeep so not paying for airfare, gas, or side trips to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone....maybe dinner at a local diner though afterwards (my husband is an honorary FM member in my eyes, but tends to be the more traditional not that interested in apologetics type of Saint, so it will be safe) . :) But I have designated some as fun money to treat myself and I love to sponsor new attendees when I can.  Usually it is to try and sucker them into working with us, but I won't expect that much this time.    

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