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Is this going to work? Is the US falling behind in the search for a fusion reactor? I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. All of my sci-fi books have starships with fusion reactors.

What do you educated folks say? Most of you have college degrees. I'm just a carpenter who loves sci-fi. In my next life I'm going back to school.

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19 hours ago, Calm said:

My husband knows some people working on Thorium Molten Salt reactors.  If they get it working, it will be so cool.  I have no clue where they are in the process though at this point.



I hope the Molten Salt Reactor happens. I am unabashedly a nuclear power supporter and would love it if an even safer and more efficient model of nuclear power were to arise which could overcome objections based on safety and material disposal. 

If it does happen, expect Idaho to have an economic boom. There's enough thorium in Lemhi Valley to power the United States for centuries at current rates, and that's before you get to all the thorium in the rock formations around Rexburg and Idaho Falls. We're talking some of the largest deposits in the world. 

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