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Refugee organizations


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Please list for your local organizations...

For Utahns looking to help out during Christmas or other times:

Utah Refugee Connection at serverefugees.org

Utah Valley Refugees at utahvalleyrefugees.org

includes donating money and daily necessities, sponsorship, providing transportation, and teaching English and more  

(Recommended in Utah Valley magazine) 

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Resettlement agencies are the charities that are working directly with the government to resettle refugees in the US. There are, I believe, 9 in the US though like Catholic Charities below they may separate in a geographical area for their range of work. There are specific things they have to do to resettle the refugees by law.  The other charities either help or work in partnership with the resettlement agencies or work on their own.  



Lifting Hands International

Stitching Hearts

Resettlement Agencies in Utah:

Catholic Community Services

International Recuse Committee



Gathering Humanity

Midwest Foodbank - this is a food bank, but it does help refugees

The Welcome to America Project

New Empowerment for Refugees

Resettlement Agencies in Arizona:

Catholic Charities

Arizona Immigrant and Refugee Services

International Rescue Committee of Arizona - Phoenix

International Rescue Committee of Arizona - Tucson

Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest


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13 hours ago, Calm said:

The church also gave grants to refugee charities that are not resettlement agencies.  I think often when the church reports these things they are just reporting what is on the surface.

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