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Address by Pres. Nelson on 11/20/20 - "The Healing Power of Gratitude"


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6 hours ago, smac97 said:


He gives two suggestions to experience the healing power of gratitude.  First, turn social media into your "Personal Gratitude Journal."  Talk about what you find about which to be grateful.  Use the hashtag #GiveThanks.  Sharing gratitude will in part fulfill the promise given to Abraham, than through his descendants all the world will be blessed. 

Okily dokily.  #give thanks.  

I'm grateful to be freed from the divisive religious dogma that is the church.  

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23 minutes ago, MorningStar said:

And that's not divisive? 

It's been an ugly, horrible, fearful, stressful, violent, angry, etc. time and news feeds are clogged with it even though the holidays are coming. I was grateful for the reminder today, but predictably people were posting things like, "Do you think there are going to be any big revelations or just the same old same old?" Was it surprising the message was about gratitude? No. Did we need to be reminded to be grateful? Yes. There was no indication given that President Nelson was going to make a big announcement, but I personally needed to hear comforting words from him and his sweet prayer too during this time. We all need to see more happy things and have fewer arguments with each other about politics, masks, and all the other stuff people have argued about for 8 plus months. I'm sick of watching people end friendships and even cutting off family. 

I think it's true that if social media is flooded with gratitude instead of anger, it will be contagious and maybe more of us will feel happier even though things are hard. Sadly it's not surprising to see people turning gratitude into a negative thing just because it came from our church. 

Are we supposed to condemn other people's posts of gratitude?  If that is Nelson's intent then never mind, I guess.  

I cant help that the church has been divisive.  I'm grateful to be free of it.  

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1 hour ago, pogi said:

Please spare us this one thread.  I would be grateful. 

Whose the "us" you want me excluded from?  I figured president nelson wanted everyone to express gratitude.  If I'm grateful for something why does it bother you?  

I'll happily leave if that's what is preferred.  I don't mean to be a bother.  

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1 hour ago, pogi said:

Can you find one or two things to give gratitude to the church for?  Has there been nothing positive to come from your membership?  Instead of being divisive and mocking the church and thus those who deeply believe in it, can you reach deep in your heart and try to offer some gratitude for the church in the spirit of friendship and unity with those you may disagree with.

The gratitude you expressed, though it may be real, was disingenuous in its intent here. The point of his message was to allow for gratitude to dismantle strife, not to use it as a tool to stir up contention.  It is just more toxic 2020 poison.

You want to direct what I am grateful for after coming after me for expressing something I'm grateful for?  I didn't know he put stipulations on what we should be grateful for.  

I'm still not sure why you are trying to exclude me, but again I mean no offense. It appears you guys are offended, so have fun.  I apologize for the hurt I caused.  

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