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Spent two days with Power or Water, as Hurricane Zeta hits Georgia. Worst power outages in the Country.

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The hurricane, was still a very strong tropical storm when it reached Georgia! Many of our members here are still without power. I am on a water well, so I had to endure without running water for two days. In fact, Georgia I believe tops the Southeast in power outages still. So prayers all around for our fellow brothers and sisters, from Texas to North Carolina. Our Ward, well many of them have been too, and worked every other weekend for six weeks in the Gulf, now we must turn our efforts toward home! 

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12 minutes ago, rodheadlee said:

Glad you are okay. I rode out 2 hurricanes in our boat. Well the boat rode them out. I buttoned down the hatches and found a safe place to stay. We have a generator so we were fine in the aftermath. 

Wow, I am happy you are here to tell the story. Could not imagine what it would be like riding one one storm, let along two. I guess you understand this saying more than most...”Any port in a storm”! 

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1 hour ago, MorningStar said:

Are you close to FT Benning? My son is training there. 

About an 1 1/2 hours Northeast of Ft Benning, just outside of Atlanta. My last duty station was at FT Benning, we flew out of Lawson Army Airfield. I served in a Medivac (498th Medical Battalion) unit there. We flew air support for Army Rangers, Army Jump School. We also provided civilian support for local hospitals from Columbus, all the way up to Atlanta, when we had premature birth babies to transport from small towns, where they had no proper medical facilities. Is your son stationed there for a long time, or just attending, “Basic Training”, “Jump School”, or “Ranger Training”? Anyway, GO ARMY! 

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8 hours ago, JamesBYoung said:

We have been watching the water and wind events in the South this year (we lived in East Texas and Louisiana for a number of years).

My question is this: has anyone had any experience with the battery driven generators?  Are they practicable?


I have an electrical background, I taught two nights a week, at a nearby Community College, for 25 years. So here is my take (well the facts). Batteries have a shelf life, batteries that you can recharge regularly have long lives. The question is not how they work, it is about how much you wish to power (in your home) in an outage. Even more importantly the length of that outage, so what you need to do is find out the the KW rating, of the generator, and how long you might need it. Unfortunately, the more KW you need the larger the battery, until the battery is so large you need a truck to move it. If you like, I can recommend the biggest “Dual/Fuel Generator”, and best price that will do the job you need. If you like, send me a PM, telling me the “must have”, to weather (no pun intended) a storm. Talk to your wife, and find out what she needs, i.e. refrigerators, freezers, TV’s, Internet, cooking, and maybe even heat or A/C. I will be glad to give you my opinion. 

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