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New scam..Credit card debt relief


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Just got a call about the SBCA credit card debt forgiveness.

It may actually a real thing (can’t tell as I don’t want to click on ads) and the recording is for once a very professional and friendly but not too friendly voice, but since they are contacting me first I am thinking scammers. Looked up online and it looks likely.

It is the most credible sounding call I have ever heard...to the point I am not sure it wasn’t a valid company drumming up business. 

But I am thinking more likely scam and thought I would post a warning here just in case others get called and like me think “this could be real”.  Still be careful. 

Top two signs...they call you first, ask for fees up front  Also asking for personal info over the phone, of course.


Think I will check out the phone number to see if it has been flagged. 

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There are no alerts on the number, but caller ID says it is Nestle Springville...there is a warehouse here...and somehow I don’t see them doing credit card debt help as a side gig. 

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Thanks, Calm... 

Another scam I'll pass along for the older people... is the Social Security number scam... a recording of a male, speaking urgently, advises that "they've detected" misuse of your social security number all over the country, and to push "1" to be connected to an agent... I hung up and called Soc Sec and asked if this was a scam and was assured indeed it is a scam and people should hang up and never give out personal info... and they will send a letter  vs. a phone call if they detect questionable activity.  


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Yeah, got that one too, but the voice screams scam to me. This had a very different feel, trustworthy, so thought good idea to mention it. 

Even if they sound like the teller down at the bank or whoever, be careful. I think we can judge too quickly when we get the signals “normal” or “just like me”.

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I love to mess with the S.S. scammers. You press 1 and the person asks who they are speaking with. I say “You called me and don’t know who I am?” Some try to argue but most just hang up. LOL. 

I received an email saying that my Netflix account is suspended due to non payment. The email looked like it could be from Netflix, but when I touched the email address line it was from a personal email address out of the UK. Delete. 

It’s a good idea to click on the from email address which will tell the email address that sent it. If you get an email saying your Netflix account is suspended from a random personal email account in the UK chances are it’s a scam or worse a virus or trojan horse. 

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