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I finally returned to Church, on Sunday.

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Yes, after many months of exile into a strange land, the seas parted, and we walked through on dry land. Well maybe not that dramatic, but it was so nice to gather with the Saints again. I missed my friends so much! There was some debate with my wife, as she feared I could get sick, but I convinced her, and my loving children, that I NEEDED worship in person; again! 

It was a good day, a very good day.

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4 hours ago, Amulek said:

That's wonderful to hear!

My parents have just recently been able to return to church as well, and they shared similar feelings.


It is, and was, a truly wonderful experience, even for an introvert such as myself. Also, even though I could only wave at many of my friends, I could see the joy in their eyes. a joy that I recognized, as I could see it in my own my own eyes while dressing for Church, for having been gone for so long. Early in this year, I was very, very ill, so this Sunday was only my third Sacrament meeting, during all of 2020. As a result, my joy was overflowing, or more correctly stated, “my cup overflowed”, such joy was moved to tears, as was I. 

It was just a joyful day all around, as Sunday Dinner, with all of my 19 family who attended, only one was absent, but he was was prayed fo in earnest, and missed by all. 

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