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No, not the Last Airbender - nor even that overrated 3D movie with all the blue aliens.

No, I'm talking about those little pictures which appear next to our (usually pseudonymous) names.

Now, technically, this may count as a personal thread, so if it gets deleted - so be it.

However, if you find it before the lock, here's your chance to offer a suggestion on what I should start using for my avatar.

Right now, I'm leaning towards good ole' Homestar Runner, but feel free to offer up any other fitting and/or awesome alternative. :) 


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I have no idea who or what the Homestar Runner is, but it looks fine to me! 

On the other hand, given your screen name, you could use this one. It's a modern version of a Mayan glyph for Hunab Ku, meaning "The One God", referring to the Christian God. Read more about it on Wikipedia: Hunab Ku.



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