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Hanna Seariac at Fair Mormon


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On 9/21/2020 at 5:17 PM, bdouglas said:

An interesting podcast from Hanna Seariac, detailing her conversion from Catholicism to Mormonism. I found her testimony very moving.


I listened to this thanks to your post, and I really enjoyed it.  She has a very interesting background.  I have come to appreciate and understand her view about other faiths in my experiences with other faiths through the years.  I have a totally different understanding of the so called "great apostasy" today than I did when when I was a 19 year old missionary as a result.  

One more thought:  I think Hanna has a lot of awesome gifts, but one of them is the remarkable way she could inhale to catch a breath between words without detection and without skipping a beat, and I am truly amazed at her ability to intelligently articulate her train of thought with such enthusiasm in an interesting way.  I never lost interest in what she was saying.  It's a gift.

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