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Our Ward Will Soon Begin Again; Finally!

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Got word that as soon as our Bishop returns from Utah, that we will (as our other Ward, in our building has) begin meeting again. I was so excited, and was telling my grandchildren who are in YM and YW’s, how happy I was for them. When I saw the look on my oldest daughter’s face. I asked what was wrong? Sadly there will be no other meetings than Sacrament, and it will be short, and from what she has heard, and what has happened elsewhere, and as I expected; No one over 60 will be welcome, apparently we will get televised Sacrament Prayers, so we can partake of the Sacrament. 

Early in the year I was very, very, sick...so unfortunately, I have been to a Church building only twice since last Christmas. I do sooooo the fellowship with the Saints, and I am curios at to, “how long”, it will be before I feel the joy and strength, that comes with the fellowship, of meeting with my fellow Saints.. There are many places I can go to Church, including the Church I grew up in, but not my own. Of course, I also can’t go to the Temple, none are open except out West, and I n other countries. 

Forgive me, I have been through so much, so I am feeling really BLUE. 

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Hope things will look up soon Papa! My MIL got to go to a Stake Conference held in her retirement community building that she lives in. We spoke with her before it began, and she was happy to meet together finally.

I'm sad that they aren't allowing anyone over 60 to your ward, geez that's young!! I wish they'd let you and others go and make sure everyone is following safety measures. In some areas, not mine, they are starting to open up and start weekly meetings, and the second hour will be online.


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