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Any Church-related Covid Outbreaks?

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5 hours ago, Tacenda said:

Now going on my 4th school and yes kids are doing amazingly well with masks. What is helpful is that the school gave out lanyards, or their parents did, and they are able to hook and unhook masks when at lunch and recess. Kids are so dang responsible compared to adults I've seen and crying about their freedom, what about those around them who aren't free to choose getting sick by those darn freedom speaking nonsense derelicts. 

I do think that sometimes parents or other adults have used the "kids won't want to/be able to wear masks so it's dumb to require it!" as an excuse to further their own agenda.  I don't know that such sentiments are based on much fact.  Sure, not all kids are going to do great but the majority seem to be doing just fine.

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