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The Gates of the City and Their Tribal Names Ezek:48

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2 hours ago, Jracforr said:


Ooooh, neat.  I'd never even thought about doing that with a map of the U.S. and a magic marker.  Bravo!


p.s.  I'm more partial to the Pacific Northwest states than the states you have earmarked for Ephraim, so I'd like some adjustments to be made there, but swap Ephraim's territory for Reuben's territory and I would be good.

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21 hours ago, Jracforr said:

The American version of Ezekiel’s vision of the City called The Lord is Here ??

Dan  - Anglo French 

Asher  - Anglo Italian 

Naphtali  - Anglo French

Manasseh -  Anglo Norman

Ephraim - Anglo Norman

Reuben -  Anglo Welsh

Benjamin - Anglo Welsh

Simeon -  Anglo Welsh

Zebulon - Anglo Welsh

Issachar -  Anglo Welsh

Gad - Anglo Italian

Judah - Anglo Welsh

The ethnic groups that created Israel existed as Chaldeans/French , Latins/Italian and Aryans/ Anglo, before Abraham migrated to Canaan, as he was himself of mixed Chaldean and Aryan heritage, as was his wife. 

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