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The Book of Mormon Is a Tool, One That Can Only Work, When it Is Used Properly.

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I have a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon, one which would make up a very, very long post, via this thread. I will try to shorten it with as few words as I can, because threads only about bearing testimonies are not permitted. So, in short I will need to give some context, to support the title of the thread. 

In January of 1979, the Battalion in which I was serving in, at the time was doing a “live fire exercises”, while I was stationed in West Germany at the time. Our Battalion Commander needed a driver for him to return to base, and after a week there, I was happy to volunteer to drive him back for two days. He was able to deal with whatever he needed, but it allowed me to go home to my family for two days, and shower with hot water, rather than cold. My wife Pam had met and become friends with a Latter-day Saint woman, named Peggy Spencer. Sister Spencer once asked my wife if she liked to read, and her reply was, “yes, but my husband is always reading his Bible and loves all things related to Scripture”. Just a few minutes before I had to go back to the base and pick up our Commander, I had my “duffle bag” packed, when Sister Spencer knocked on our door, she did not know I was there. So I said hello, and then “Peggy” said, “your wife says you love to read, would you like this book”. Having no time to chat, out of courtesy, I said that I would like it. As I reached out to take it (thinking I would sit it down, and look at it when I got back home), however something extraordinary happened when I took it in my hand. I had never even heard of the Book of Mormon, and had only heard the name “Mormon”, just a few times in my life. However, just taking the Book of Mormon in my hand, something washed over me, it was so powerful, I could barely speak, and asked; What is this? Sadly it seemed the answer was going to take some time, so I put in in the top of my “duffle bag”, and told my wife and two children, “I will be back in a week”. Despite the fact that our four hour drive (back to the live fire range), turned into a 6-7 hour drive, due to a blizzard, my mind was fixated on the Book of Mormon. When we arrived back, I was told that because I was able to do home, I had to stay up that night an “man the switchboard”, that linked the many buildings, that we occupied. Anyway, from first touching the Book of Mormon, I knew I had to use that night to know what the book was, and by morning, I knew that my life, nor my family’s life was ever going to be the same. I had read all the way to the Book of Mosiah, (skipping like most that first night, the many books that were from Isiah) and the five pamphlets that Sister Spencer had given me. By the time I arrived home, I told my wife, “I want every piece of printed material this Church has ever published” (of course I had no idea how much printed material I was asking for :) ). There is so much more to be said, but I want to get to the point of the thread”. 

As members of the Church we are taught that many, be it based on origin, or members of the “Lost Tribes”, or those who are seekers of truth, are being gathered in these last days. I think, or actually have come to know, that many “will and do” reject the Book of Mormon. However, those whom have been searching throughout their lives, despite foreordination, anyone can find their, or this Faith, or have their Faith renewed, and can be found by using the Book of Mormon, and both a “blessing and a tool”, and like all tools, literal or metaphorically speaking, this Holy Book, just as the Bible is, our greatest “tool” for gathering, and strengthening Zion, is always at our fingertips. However like any “tool”, if not used, it will overt time, both weaken and almost become useless. I have seen this, in the lives of so many like myself, both family and friends, and if it is used properly, and often, it (we) will be able to find those seeking for greater Faith, or another when they feel their current Faith does not offer the answers they seek. It is also the tool that all our our modern day Prophets and Apostles have taught us, will strengthen our Faith, or help us to find it once again. Also, many who grew up in the Church, and believed they have been fully converted, sometimes find they never really had such great Faith, and find a greater understanding. In fact, it is not uncommon for those serving missions, find out that the greatest conversion they witness is their own.     

I found this tool, The Book of Mormon, thanks to Sister Peggy Spencer, a woman who was not afraid to live her Faith. I have also used the same “tool”, even due to my own difficult questions, or the “whirlwinds of lives, or the ranging waves upon the seas”, it serves as an anchor that allows me to remain grounded. On that first night, as I stayed awake, and found that this “tool”, was that helped my family and I to embrace a lifestyle, that form generations and heritage, of the generations of Southern Baptist ministers, and the very “pulpit” in which I began, hoping to follow in the footsteps of my Father. I also felt and feel the same Spirit, the Holy Spirit, that first night which accompanied me, and that accompanied throughout my life growing up as I read the Holy Bible. Between the first night of reading the Book of Mormon, and before my wife and I being baptized, I read almost every word of the Doctrine and Covenants, another vital “tool” to our Spirituality.

Only the Holy Spirit can convert any man or woman’s soul, be they young or old. But all of our “Standard Works”, can lead to this very goal, if we all seek to be as a “good, or great craftsman”, who always cares for, and uses every tool available to him or her. In fact, as the saying goes, “A man (or woman) is only as good as his tools” (Emmett Wolf). Since only the Holy Spirit can convert any soul, our part is easy, try to get the Book of Mormon, into as many hands are we can throughout our lives, and for any of use who are unsure, get out these tools as read (use) them once again.

Anyway, for many of us, who unfortunately have so much time on our hands, can a few of you here, help me fine tune this thread, giving your suggestions, successes, or even more important...

Your own examples, of how you found the Book of Mormon? Or how it helped you find, or rediscover your own Faith? 

Anyway, please forgive my copious, spelling or grammatical errors. For those who know my circumstances, the way I have to post, makes longer threads difficult. 

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