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I Went to Church Today

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First time since September.  I’m visiting American Fork.  Only here because I’m supporting a friends mission farewell- but I’m not crazy about it.  Most are masked but not all and the sacrament is passed.  Cup disposal tray is separate from the cup tray.  All hymns are sung and there is no cover on the mic. Full hour. 

Seems like we would benefit from a consistent policy across the board, at least in the US where individualism is king. 

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We don't have a cover on our mic but it and the podium are sanitized in between each person who uses it.  And our ward requires masks, plus no passing sacrament trays, they are only touched by the boys passing the sacrament.  I agree a consistent policy would probably be good.

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We attended the "9 am session" of our Ward Sacrament meeting today as well.  The Chapel had been cleaned prior to the service.  There were almost 90 in attendance, so very close to the maximum of 99. 

Every other row was closed to maintain physical distance.  Masks were required except for children under the age of two.  Family groups sat together with distance between each group in a row -- at least that's what it looked like to me.  All were asked to sanitize their hands prior to entering the chapel. 

The Sacrament was passed directly to us -- people sitting in the congregation did not touch the trays;.  Bread was broken into individual pieces and dropped into water cups then passed in water trays.  Used cups were deposited into a 2nd tray carried by each young man. 

Those who conducted and carried out Ward and Stake business removed their masks at the podium.  Music was all recorded -- no singing by the congregation.  We had one speaker -- a recently returned missionary.  She had just come home from the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission where she spoke Swahili and taught in the large refugee population there.  She was lovely, and bore her testimony at the end in Swahili.  It was as moving as it was impressive.   Following the service, Family groups had been assigned to clean the Chapel prior to the next "session."

I had not realized how much I enjoyed and had missed being with the Saints.

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My parents' ward is back "in session."  As geezers, they go to the "high risk" session of their ward.  (While I'm not necessary a geezer, as an asthmatic, I'm high risk).  It meets semimonthly, and I have visited a couple of times.  Other than a couple of surveys about how folks feel about returning to church (though I have answered the surveys, I'm not sure that surveys are the right way to go about deciding when meetings should resume), I have not heard hide nor hair from my stake about resuming church meetings.  It would be nice to know at least what the thought process is, i.e.,, "We're waiting for a reasonable consensus," "The particular demographics of this stake make planning to resume meetings particularly challenging," "Per Doctrine & Covenants 38:29, we're waiting for perfect unanimity," "We're waiting for God to give us direction by writing it in lightning across the sky," et cetera.

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In Idaho most schools are back in session, county fairs in most places went on s normal.  Most High School athletic contests will move on as normal.  They could have more fans at pro athletic games,  


church is still below 100 and three sessions here.  Toward the end of stage four funerals were held for family members but the funeral homes broadcast to people that could not be There.  Three sessions of Sacrament Meeting in our ward two one week one the next. Can watch Sacrament on zoom.  This will pass though.

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