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An Urgent Prayer Request.

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The precious few friends, that I have keep in touch with (thankfully due to Facebook, able to reconnect with), and who were with me at my baptism, 41+ long years ago, two are going through very difficult times. One of them, once called me into his office as was Branch President, a calling he had just been ordained too, just a few months earlier. He got serious, and told me, “Bill, in my entire life, and on my mission, I have never know anyone who has taken to the Church so quickly, and had a better grasp of all the Scriptures”. I told him very humbly, my Father is a Baptist Minister, so I had a great teacher and role model. He then says, “role model or not, no one could be forced to read the entire Bible, nor did he force you, or admonish you to read the entire Standard Works”. Anyway, he had said, “you are going to be ordained an Elder”. My reply was short, you mean already? So, since our Stake Conference (which was 94 miles away in Frankfurt, West Germany (as it was still a country split apart, and I was stationed on the border), was just  two weeks away, so there was little time to wrap my head around it. So, after ordained to the office of an Elder, I was then given a calling to be a member of the Branch Presidency. Needless to say, we became very close friends, with him and his wife. Although I was an enlisted man, a Sargent, and he an he was an officer, First Lieutenant, on the fast track to Captain, none of that mattered. In fact when I re-enlisted, he swore me in. So, he signed my re-enlistment papers, and signed my “Sealing Certificate” as one of our witnesses, when Pam and I were sealed in the Swiss Temple. We also took trips together to the London Temple, as well.. We had a lot great times together. 

Now that the background information has been listed. This so (all who read this far), you know how much this family is loved by me, and my family. It is why I am asking for your urgent prayers, because I just love them so very, very much. His wife, Vicki Sweet recently had back surgery, and it did not go well, or the Doctor messed it up, she is having spinal fluid leaking from her spinal cord. This was major surgery, so they had to immortalize her for a many days, hoping it would stop the leakage, but it did not. Now after an MRI, they can’t put it off, she now has to have another major surgery again. So Mike is frightened, and Vicki is going to go through a lot more serious pain and suffering. Also no one knows how much more immobility, bedrest, and physical therapy, will be needed. Anyway, I love them both, and I ask for their prayers, for the entire family. Thankfully, they are allowing Mike to be in her hospital room for 7AM to 7PM, as if they could keep him out. If it were my wife, only a team of Navy SEALS, and every Police Officer in the State, could keep me from my wife, if she were in the hospital. Like my wife and I, Vicki and Mike are one, there is no “I”, there is only, “us”, or “we”, as we are “one”. If someone were to happen to my wife, (heaven forbid) and my wife pass away, I would bury her, and go home to slowly die. I know my children, grandchildren, and Church members would try to get me out of the house and reengage in the world, but it would all be in vain. 

So, I am asking for everyone’s prayers, for two wonderful people, two people that if any deserved it, they do more than most. Since (or so it seems) no one can but put on the prayer rolls of the Temple, since no endowments can be done, then this “I pray”, is the next best thing. 

The names, 

Vicki Sweet

Micheal Smart Sweet

(Not sure it you noticed) But Mike’s middle name, and his extended family’s name, but he is an an Uncle of Elizabeth Smart, so it goes without saying, he and his extended family’s have already been through Hell before, especially Elizabeth Smart.Thankfully she was found, and was able to play the violin (I believe, that is the instrument she plays) when (or at) Mike and Vicki’s daughter’s wedding.


Anyway, prayers, prayers, prayers, PLEASE. 

I hope this finds you all well and happy. 


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1 hour ago, JamesBYoung said:

I believe I know them from my military days many decades ago, but whether I do or not, I will pray sincerely and devotedly for Our Father's Will to be done for Vicki and Mike.

Probably so, he remained in the Army for 30 years, I joined the Church in Germany, so it has to be the same people. I left in December 1981, I arrived there in 1978, and joined the Church in 1979, just about 9 months after having arrived. Oh and BTW, very cool that we both served with him. 

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Done and did

Oesterreich 1973-75.

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Wow. My prayers too go out for them.

Interesting that you should have been in Germany at that time, because I was there, too! 1980-1983. 

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