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Papa Has Made it to 63; Who Knew?

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I had hoped that for my birthday, we would at long last be able to attend Sacrament again. But, not yet, not yet. Thankfully, from my humble beginnings,  16 family members made it to my birthday gathering. Sadly 3 were not feeling well, and did not want to cause me to become sick. But, they were truly missed. Many, including some of my doctor’s did not think I would make to 63, due to many illnesses. But, I wanted to prove them wrong, and I want keep proving them wrong. It is my hope to be around for years to come. But that is in God’s hands, although as of late, my only outings seem to be doctors appointments, appointments that seem to be on the rise. But, here is hoping that attending Church meetings is in my near future. But, it was a good day, better than most. Anyway, just trying to share, as this group is an opportunity to share common beliefs, kind of like Church. 

God bless you all...


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Happy birthday! 

Birthdays are reminders that God isn't quite ready for us to move along to the next stage -- and that we have something else to do. So, keep the faith, and keep plugging on!

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